Would you like to boost your orthopedic health? Whether you’re already dealing with some minor joint discomfort or would like to prevent these aches and pains from developing over the years, now is the perfect time to start making adjustments to your diet that will help you improve your health in the long run. The best foods for joints contain vitamins and nutrients and are often considered anti-inflammatory foods that naturally reduce inflammation and discomfort.

Fresh Fish

Eating fresh fish, such as tuna and salmon, can help you improve your orthopedic health. These fish are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and countless vitamins, such as vitamins B and D. The great thing about fish, besides the fact it’s an anti-inflammatory food that can reduce joint pain, is that it’s also good for the heart. Even if you’re a picky eater, there are many ways to prepare and enjoy fish, whether making homemade salmon nuggets, tuna macaroni salad, or even baked cod with veggies and brown rice on the side.


Berries are on the list of anti-inflammatory foods that can ease discomfort and keep your joints strong and healthy. The best berries for inflammation include raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. You can make a fresh fruit salad by combining these berries with diced apples and a hint of lemon juice. It’s easy to incorporate the fruit into your diet, whether adding it to a bowl of yogurt or eating it fresh as a midday snack. Because these berries contain antioxidants, they’re good for you and will enable your body to defend itself better against joint pain.

Brown Rice

Fiber can help reduce inflammation, and brown rice is an excellent source of fiber, making it worth adding to your plate. If you’re used to eating white rice, swap it out for brown when preparing different meals. It goes great with all kinds of entrees, including fish, chicken, and pork. Because brown rice is a whole grain, it’s also one of the many anti-inflammatory foods you can begin consuming to ease joint pain or prevent it from developing.


Vegetables are typically included in the average diet for arthritis and joint pain, meaning you should start eating more of them if you want to work on improving your orthopedic health. Root vegetables are ideal because they contain vitamins, nutrients, and anti-inflammatory properties. Add sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, and radishes to your meals to experience the natural health benefits they offer.

Foods to Avoid

While these are some of the best foods for joints, other foods can contribute to joint pain and should be avoided as much as possible. Some foods that can aggravate the joints, causing more harm than good, include red meat, processed meats, and sugar-filled foods, such as candy and other sweets. Although you don’t have to give these foods up entirely, try to avoid having them too often to improve your orthopedic health and prevent pain.

If you want to boost your orthopedic health, it’s a good idea to follow a diet for arthritis pain consisting of more anti-inflammatory foods. Adding the right foods to your plate for each meal of the day can help you naturally reduce joint pain and discomfort while improving your health from the inside out.