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4700 E. Hale Pkwy, Ste 550
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Patient Reviews
Ales CernyAles Cerny
18:35 22 Mar 24
Dr. Parker and his team were very helpfull. Very friendly aproach, patiently explained all the issues I have with my shoulder. They prefer not to do surgery unless necessery, which I like. They always answered my email with additional questions pretty quick. I got lots of confident trough them while healing. I am really thankfull.
Stacey N WintersStacey N Winters
21:35 17 Mar 24
My first visit was surprisingly easy and successful. Dr. Lindberg literally saved my life. My visit was for a sprained ankle. He notice swelling and sensitivity with both legs. Ordered an ultrasound the same day. Blood clots were found in both legs and my lungs. A hospital stay with blood thinners has me mobile. If he hadn’t of been attentive and apparently good at his craftsmanship. I may not be here. I thank me with all my heart
Chris CarasChris Caras
23:38 01 Mar 24
My shoulder needed reconstruction after a bad snowboarding accident and was referred to Dr. Gonzales. I’m so happy I took the recommendation because from start to finish and post surgery follow-ups he and his office have been amazing. Not only did I feel like they were going to take of me, they did. Dr. Gonzales even called me the day before surgery to check on me and confirm any last minute questions I may have. My post operation X-rays came back great and I couldn’t be happier how things are progressing with my recovery.
Christina RodriguezChristina Rodriguez
03:28 01 Mar 24
As the wife of a doc and an athlete who has regularly needed Orthopedic services over the last 10 years, I cannot recommend Dr. Gonzales more. He has demonstrated time after time such professionalism, skill, expertise, and the experience to help me not only heal but overcome and come back better! Look no further. My husband is also a devoted patient as well.
Chopper JayDChopper JayD
00:35 01 Mar 24
I really like the attention I have gotten. Getting surgery is scary. A facility that makes every effort to make you comfortable is priceless to me. Thank you all