Are you interested in improving your orthopedic health? If you’ve noticed your joints are starting to hurt more often than not, now is the perfect time to start prioritizing your orthopedic health by making changes to your daily routine that can positively impact you for years to come. Check out these six simple ways to boost bone and joint health while reducing irritation and discomfort.

#1. Find an Activity You Love

Get involved in a physical activity that keeps you active and on your feet for a few hours each week. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sport or something like jogging, brisk walking, or even going to the gym. Physical activity is good for your body and, most importantly, your orthopedic health.

#2. Add More Inflammatory Foods to Your Diet

Put effort into adding certain foods to each meal you eat throughout the day. There are so many fantastic foods to choose from, including tomatoes, salmon, spinach, blueberries, pinto beans, and more. You can use these different ingredients to make flavorful foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that can help strengthen your bones and joints.

#3. Drink More Water

It may sound cliche, but drinking more water can help you improve your orthopedic health. Wondering why? Water keeps those joints lubricated. The added lubrication can help relieve discomfort and prevent injuries, keeping your joints in better condition. So, make sure you’re having a few glasses of it each day. You can even add some sliced lemons and a pinch of pink himalayan salt to each cup of water for added flavor and benefits.

#4. Start Taking Joint Supplements

Consider adding a joint supplement to your daily routine. While you can find many options available in stores and online, go with something simple that contains vitamins and nutrients that support your joints. Supplements containing vitamin D, fish oil, and even omega-3 fatty acids can help protect and nourish your joints.

#5. Focus on Maintaining a Healthy Weight

If you want to keep your joints healthy and prevent pain, try to maintain a healthy weight. You can do this by living a more active lifestyle and eating healthier, more nutritious meals. A healthy weight puts less strain on the joints and bones, thus helping reduce some injuries to the joints.

#6. Make Use of Compression Garments

Compression garments can come in handy for improving your orthopedic health. For example, if you tend to experience joint pain around the knees and ankle, consider getting knee-high compression socks that offer the extra support you want and need for all the soft tissues surrounding your joints. You may notice decreased pain when you start wearing these compression garments daily. Although it may feel a bit odd initially, you will get the hang of wearing the compression garments and can reap the benefits they offer in no time.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you may be; it’s never too soon or too late to focus on improving your orthopedic health. The small changes you make today can benefit you now and in the future, helping you relieve discomfort, prevent pain, and even strengthen your mobility.