Sports Performance. Time To Up Your Game.

Sports performance services are tailored toward athletes of all ages, with all skill levels and circumstances. Whether you’ve been injured and are working to return to peak performance, or you’re working to increase strength, speed, agility and endurance while maintaining a healthy routine and preventing injuries, OCC sports performance specialists can help you achieve your goals.

Our comprehensive sports performance team includes doctors and physicians’ assistants who specialize in sports performance, as well as other specialized staff that can include Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) and athletic trainers. These specialists have additional education and understand the rehabilitation therapies that more quickly and effectively heal athletic injuries, and the training techniques that help you break through to new personal bests.

The Sports Performance Program

Each customized sports performance rehabilitation or training program is created with your goals in mind. This includes a treatment plan that combines short-term goals with long-term sustainability including future injury prevention. Training and maintenance programs are tailored to your fitness level, sport and targets and can include:

Off-season conditioning and training: Athletes can work one-on-one with our sports performance specialists to improve stamina, strength and prevent injury through cross training and conditioning. Research continues to demonstrate the importance of rest and avoidance of over-use, which can cause career-ending injuries.

At the same time, athletes can’t afford to lose their fitness level while recovering from injury. That’s why customized off-season and recovery training plans are created to helps athletes to stay fit while protecting their body and diversifying training techniques to minimize overuse. These programs can elevate your game and keep you in tip top shape for competition.

Sports-minded rehab: Sports rehabilitation goes beyond traditional programs to help competitors recovering from an injury or surgery and get back to competition. Because of their physical condition, athletes can typically begin physical therapy quickly, which is key to minimize scar tissue and improve outcomes. Sports-minded rehab is customized for each athlete’s strengths, overall physical fitness and the physical demands of their specific sport to maximize rehab and minimize time on the bench.

Peak conditioning for first responders and other professionals in which top physical condition is essential to the job. Those who serve our community and work hard to protect others also need to protect themselves. Firefighters, police officers, and members of the military rely on their bodies to perform and serve in these essential roles. We work with them to rehab occupational injuries and improve specific strength or conditioning needs based on their specialized roles.

All of these programs may use a combination of the following focus areas to support the whole athlete:

  • Conditioning
  • Cardio training
  • Strength training
  • Corrective and restorative exercises
  • Exercise and physical therapy techniques
  • Specialized training techniques
  • Diet, sleep and other lifestyle priorities

OCC Team

OCC sports performance team members work with all types of athletes from recreational and competitive to collegiate and professional athletes who want to return to the top of their game. Many competitive athletes seek sports performance services year-round to both protect and maintain their athletic condition and health.

OCC sports performance doctors, coaches and support staff have served as team medical, training and advisory staff for countless organizations including the Colorado High School Activities Association, numerous Colorado high schools, the US Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, many of the state’s top college and university teams, and all of Colorado’s major professional sports teams.

At OCC, the experienced sports performance team is highly sought after for their training in kinesiology, sports physiology, and/or sports and exercise science. Many of them hold Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certifications. Athletes benefit not only from the latest technological advancements and procedures used at the pro level, but from a multidisciplinary approach to delivering world-class compassionate care from diagnosis through rehabilitation. We embrace your performance goals and give you the treatment, expertise and support to get there. Our offices are conveniently located across the front range and it’s easy to make an appointment. Find the provider that fits your needs and contact us today.

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