There’s so much to love about the fall season, from visiting the pumpkin patch to picking apples, jumping in piles of colorful, crunchy leaves, and even having bonfires with family and friends. And while you may look forward to participating in all these autumn-inspired activities, you also need to know how to avoid injuries and protect yourself! Even the simplest tasks, such as raking the leaves in your backyard and collecting them in a bag, can strain your body, but taking the right approach can save you from different injuries, including sprains and fractures.

Wear the Right Shoes on Your Feet

Who knew something as simple as footwear could be so important? During the fall season, it’s not uncommon to deal with rainy weather that causes a buildup of slippery leaves on the ground. Of course, this puts people of all ages at risk of slipping, falling, and getting severely injured. However, the proper footwear can keep your feet comfortable and prevent slips, making it easier for you to have fun with the family without worrying about experiencing pain and discomfort. Waterproof shoes with anti-slip grips and supportive insoles can make such a difference.

Don’t Overdo It and Push Your Body Past Its Breaking Point

Try to avoid putting a significant strain on your body. Although it may sound easier said than done, don’t push yourself to your limits, or you could end up sustaining avoidable injuries. For example, if you’re planning to do some yard work in preparation for the winter weather in the coming months, do a little here and there instead of trying to get everything done in one day. If you’re going to rake the leaves, take breaks or get help from a loved one instead of doing it all by yourself. When you’re doing too much at once out of nowhere, it can shock the body and leave you with back pain and joint discomfort.

Start Stretching Before You Do Anything

Many people look forward to the fall season because the temperature drops, leaving a cool, fresh breeze in the air. It’s often more enjoyable to exercise outdoors when it’s not too hot yet not too cold. However, stretch before you get started if you plan on exercising or participating in any fall-themed activities, such as football, tennis, or even lacrosse. The idea behind stretching is to help prepare your body for what you’re getting ready to do.

It doesn’t take long to stretch. Spend roughly 10-15 minutes completing movements like the quad stretch, calf stretch, and ankle circles. You may notice that doing this often enough helps improve your range of motion while increasing flexibility, ultimately reducing your chances of sustaining an injury when participating in any activity, whether high-impact or not.

Fall is the perfect season for going out and spending quality time with loved ones while making fond memories. However, you need to know how to have fun and reduce your risk of injuries simultaneously. By following these simple tips, such as wearing the right shoes, not putting too much of a strain on your body, and turning stretching into a habit, you can lower your risk of injury in no time.