Although some people cherish the winter months because of their love for skiing, snowboarding, or skating, for many of us, the cold weather at this time of year stops us from going outside. Understandably so, the snow, ice, and wind can not only make it hard to exercise as we struggle to warm up our muscles for a run or jog, but also the icy conditions can cause anxiety as they make many activities dangerous and risky. But, with few options for exercise left outdoors, the cold weather makes this the perfect time of year to take up a new indoor sport.

Here are four ideas for indoor activities you might want to try out this season:

#1: Swimming

Find your nearest indoor pool or YMCA and engage in this summery sport, indoors. Swimming is a sport with exceptional health benefits for people of all ages and of all levels of physical fitness. Reducing the impact to your body, the fact of being submerged while engaging in a high-heart-rate activity is great for the cardiovascular system while also being gentle on joints. Pushing against the resistance of the water, swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and helps you to develop a healthy heart and lungs.

#2: Tennis

Whether you are someone who loves playing tennis outdoors in the summer, or has never tried the sport before, playing indoor tennis is a great option to stay active with friends during the winter. Tennis has been known to help regulate serotonin levels in the brain which also affects the stabilization of one’s sleep cycle, appetite, and emotional state. Plus, the full-body workout helps to strengthen muscles in the upper as well as the lower body, build stamina, increase bone density, and enhance metabolic function. With the option to play with two people or four, tennis is a great way to stay active with friends or family.

#3: Dance

Take the opportunity to work on flexibility, strength, and muscle tone this winter, by starting dance classes. Dance forms like ballet are not only sources of physical fitness, but are also known to offer an outlet for creative expression, to help self-confidence, and to create a mindful, calm environment where the body aligns with the breath and the music.

#4: The gym

Joining a local gym will give you the option to pursue whatever type of exercise you want, and to engage in different types of activity every day. With machines for cardio and weight training, as well as aerobic and fitness classes offered at most locations, a gym membership is a ticket to all around physical fitness and limitless options. Plus, the gym is great for those who want to go with a friend, or those who want to get their coveted alone time with flexibility in the schedule and wide-open hours of operation.