Prevent Discomfort During Your Annual Deep Cleaning

Do you look forward to your annual deep cleaning when spring rolls around? It’s the perfect time to go through your belongings to get rid of what you don’t need, wipe down windows, pull out the duster, and get your home looking good from top to bottom. However, while cleaning is an excellent habit to have, doing too much too soon can quickly lead to severe back pain and discomfort. The heavy lifting, bending, and pulling during spring cleaning can take a toll on the body if you’re not careful enough, but you can avoid that problem with a few simple tips that can make such a difference.

#1. Don’t Stretch Your Body Past Its Limits

Avoid stretching your body past its limits. Most people will attempt to reach the top of the blinds with the duster or extend their arms in the air to get to that top shelf. However, if you can’t reach and you’re stretching your body to get into these hard-to-reach spots, you’re putting a strain on your ligaments that can result in pain throughout the body, including the back and arms. Instead of stretching this way, use a stool or solid chair to stand on to reach different spots.

#2. Don’t Slouch and Keep Your Back Straight

When you’re mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming, there is a good chance you’re slouching your body or hunching forward. If you do this for too long, you’ll end up with pain in the back when you’ve finished cleaning for the day. A good rule of thumb is to keep your back straight while maintaining a good posture to prevent back pain from developing when you’re completing these tasks.

#3. Consider Stretching Before You Get Started

You may say, “Why would I need to stretch before I start cleaning?” It’s the same reason you’d stretch before going for a jog or heading to the gym to exercise on the equipment. Doing a deep cleaning throughout the house is a workout, so it’s best to prepare your body for the activity you’re going to do. Simple stretches will suffice, such as donkey kicks and runner’s lunges.

#4. Take Breaks Between Rooms

Know your limitations and take breaks between each room. It’s not uncommon for people to go off the momentum and continue cleaning until they’ve become fully exhausted and unable to move their bodies any further. You don’t want that to happen! Take a short 15-minute break between each room to sit down, grab a glass of water, and relax. If you feel like your body can’t take any more strenuous work, save the rest of the cleaning for another day.

Spring is the perfect season for deep cleaning the house. If you look forward to changing the curtains, getting rid of all the dust accumulated throughout the winter, scrubbing walls, and more, make sure you consider these tips to avoid back pain and unwanted discomfort. These tips will help you get your cleaning done without putting such a strain on your muscles and joints.