Are you looking for some fun and effective ways to get active throughout the spring and summer months while in Denver? Increasing physical activity is naturally good for your overall health and wellbeing and can even help you strengthen your joints and muscles. But if you’re not a fan of exercise, you’re likely looking for ways to have a good time without feeling like you’re doing a strenuous workout in the process. If so, check out these three fun places throughout Denver that will keep you active and exploring.

Take a Visit to City Park

City Park in Denver has earned a reputation for being one of the largest and most commonly visited parks in the entire city. It extends for 330 acres, providing plenty of space to roam around, explore nature, and have a genuinely good time while staying active. There is much to do and see at City Park in Denver, whether you want to go for a walk or run on one of its many walking paths, play a few rounds of golf with friends on the expansive golf course, or even check out the Denver Zoo, where you will come across dozens of unique animals and exhibits. No matter what activities you participate in while visiting the park, you can expect to do plenty of walking or running during your visit!

Head Over to Sloan’s Lake Park

Another popular park in Denver is Sloan’s Lake Park, situated on the west side. Known for providing quick and easy access to the lake, it’s a boater’s paradise and has a reputation for being the second-largest park in the entire city. Many people visit this park to get active, whether they wish to jog on the sprawling jogging path, take a nature walk, or play on the playground with their little ones. You can explore the area and then settle down on one of the grassy spots with shade, setting up a picnic to enjoy a delicious lunch with loved ones by the water. With such scenic views in the background, be sure to have your phone or camera nearby to take plenty of pictures while you scour Sloan’s Lake Park.

Plan a Day Trip to the Civic Center Park

If you’re a fan of downtown Denver and want to explore it even further, make a day trip to the coveted Civic Center Park, another incredible destination for those who want to get active and spend more time outdoors. With plenty of space to roam around, you can walk, jog, or even play frisbee games with your loved ones during your visit to this park. And even if it’s a hot, humid day, you can cool down by heading to the splash pad. It’s quite common for the Civic Center Park to host different events and festivals, so consider visiting during one of these spectacular moments to experience something new and exciting while staying active.

While spending time in Denver, whether as a resident or visitor, check out these fun-filled parks to help you stay active and in the best shape of your life. By living a more active lifestyle, you can strengthen your bones and joints and become a healthier version of yourself, which is most important!