Colorado’s Top Hand Surgeons

OCC Hand surgeons are dedicated to repairing one of the most sensitive and useful parts of the body. We use our hands throughout the day to perform a variety of activities, from getting dressed to driving and working. However, when an injury or other issue causes damage, the subsequent pain and limited mobility can make tasks as simple as brushing ones’ teeth difficult, if not impossible.

Hand Issues

There are numerous hand issues that require expert care from an orthopedic specialist or hand surgeon. Such hand injuries include a broken bone, degenerative changes to the hand structure, congenital problems, infections and arthritis. Additionally, carpal tunnel syndrome, which affects more than eight million people a year, is one of the most common hand issues.

Hand Surgeons

OCC’s skilled hand surgeons use the highest level of technical expertise and innovation to offer a broad spectrum of non-surgical treatment options before pursuing surgery. Each hand surgeon works closely with their patients to develop a treatment plan that restores function, minimizes pain and meets the demands of each patient’s normal routine.

Such treatments might include anti-inflammatory medications, epidural steroid injections or nerve stimulation. Additionally, the injured hand may be immobilized in a customized bandage or splint and limb manipulation and stretching or exercises can also help patients regain strength and motion.

However, while our hand surgeons prefer to pursue conservative treatment first, there are times when surgery is required to repair the damaged hand.

Common Hand Procedures

Some of the most common procedures performed by OCC hand surgeons include treating fractures, repairing damaged tendons, and trigger finger or carpal tunnel release surgery. Additionally, our hand surgeons routinely do surgery to resolve a condition called Dupuytren’s Contracture, which leads to a permanent over-flexing of the hand.

Hand surgeries also include joint replacement, tendon repair, nerve repair, skin grafts and skin flaps, and replantation which reattaches fingers. Closed reduction and fixation surgery realigns broken or fractured bones and a fasciotomy relieves pain and tension and improves loss of circulation.

In all cases, it is extremely important to arrive at an informed diagnosis and well thought out treatment plan before your symptoms worsen or irreparable damage occurs. The extensively trained hand surgeons at Orthopedic Centers of Colorado (OCC) are dedicated to returning patients to the life they enjoyed before their hand problems arose.

At OCC the experienced hand surgeons are highly sought after for their innovative therapies and evidence-based treatments. Patients benefit not only from the latest technological advancements and procedures, but from a multidisciplinary approach to delivering world-class compassionate care from diagnosis through rehabilitation. At OCC our goal is simple: to be your first and foremost choice for hand surgery. Our offices are conveniently located across the front range and it’s easy to make an appointment. Find the provider that fits your needs and contact us today.

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