Regenerative Medicine in Colorado

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is Ushering in a New Era in Orthopedic Care Regenerative medicine (also known as biologic therapy), is a rapidly emerging field in orthopedics for which there is considerable excitement and potential. Regenerative medicine refers to “regenerating” human tissue and cells to fix a bodily function or condition. While other forms of medical treatments Read More »

Shoulder Pain Specialists in Colorado


Common Shoulder Pain Causes and Treatments Shoulder pain can make simple acts like housework, brushing your hair, getting dressed or grabbing something overhead seem like a monumental task. Playing sports like tennis or golf can become impossible. What we think of as one joint – the shoulder – is really a complicated combination of joints Read More »

back injury

Spinal Disorders

Spinal Stenosis Treatment Options Spinal stenosis treatment addresses a narrowing of the spine canal, which occurs most often in the lower back and the neck. There are two kinds of spinal stenosis: lumbar, which impacts the lower back and cervical, which impacts the neck. Both types are caused by degeneration in the disks, the ligaments, Read More »

Spine injury


Spine Pain? Your Trusted Spine Specialists for Non-invasive Treatment and Spine Surgery Many demands are placed on the spine. It holds up the head, shoulders, and upper body. It provides the support to stand up straight, allowing the flexibility to bend and twist. And most importantly, it protects the spinal cord. Back pain can be Read More »

Sports Medicine That Gets Patients Back in Action

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine That Gets Patients Back in Action Sports medicine is designed to help all types of active people recover from injury and get moving again. Specialists in sports medicine serve a wide range of patients, from amateur and professional athletes, to those with physical jobs, such as firefighters, military and other first responders, as Read More »

Sports Performance. Time To Up Your Game

Sports Performance

Sports Performance. Time To Up Your Game. Sports performance services are tailored toward athletes of all ages, with all skill levels and circumstances. Whether you’ve been injured and are working to return to peak performance, or you’re working to increase strength, speed, agility and endurance while maintaining a healthy routine and preventing injuries, OCC sports Read More »

Total Joint Replacement in Colorado

Total Joint Replacement

Total Joint Replacement Requires Total Care Total joint replacement surgery is a procedure to remove and replace an arthritic, worn out or otherwise painful and damaged joint. Each year millions of people undergo total joint replacement. While total hip replacements and knee replacements are the most commonly performed, a total joint replacement can be performed on other joints as well, Read More »

elbow is part of the upper extremity area

Upper Extremity

What Are Upper Extremity Injuries? The shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand together comprise some of the most useful and important joints in our bodies, and they are known together as the upper extremity. Several OCC physicians and surgeons specialize in diagnosis and treatment of upper extremity injuries and conditions. Each of these areas requires a Read More »

wrist pain


Trust Your Wrist Pain to Orthopedic Centers of Colorado (OCC) The wrist is one of the most important joints in both every day and professional life. The three main joints of the wrist make it very stable and allows for a wide range of movement. But this complex combination of bones, ligaments, and tendons are Read More »

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Terms of Use Terms and Conditions Agreement between User and Welcome to The website (the “Site”) is comprised of various web pages operated by Orthopedic Centers of Colorado, LLC (“OCC”). is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein (the “Terms”). Your Read More »